Nouvelles et mises à jour

Organisateur en vedette - Andy de Nouveau Glasgow

Andy Cunningham has been working hard to build the arts community in his hometown of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Over the past two years one of Andy's projects has been Art at Night May 3, during National Youth Arts Week. Art at Night is where artists gather throughout historic downtown New Glasgow to display a plethora of human creativity for spectators to hop from venue to venue, store front to store front.

L'avenir: Semaine nationale jeunesse-arts 2014

Screen printed t-shirts with remixed logos by youth at St Christophers House for the Launch Party at the Art Gallery of Ontario

As our team prepares for National Youth Arts Week 2014, we look back to review all that young Canadians have done in celebration and find ourselves amazed at the level of energy, creativity, community engagement, leadership and diversity of events that youth have executed, driven by their passion for the arts.